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To upgrade a contest after it has already started, simply log into your account and click on the "My Contests" tab. Then, select "Upgrades" and choose which one(s) you'd like and follow the prompts.
To unveil your design contest you need to do the following: * i. Go to "My Contests" * ii. Click on "Upgrade" * iii. Choose "Unveiled Contest" * iv. Click on "Proceed" * v. Pay by credit card
If you choose not to "guarantee" your contest, then you will not have to choose a winner at the end of the contest if you are not satisfied with the designs. Also, if you are not satisfied, you are eligible to receive our money-back guarantee if you re...
The Featured upgrade allows your contest to stay within the first few pages (ahead of non-featured contests) of listings in the "Browse Contests" tab. With this feature, you gain maximum visibility among designers.
A Guaranteed Contest is a contest in which it is guaranteed that a winning design and designer will be chosen. This increases the amount of designers willing to participate, since it is guaranteed that they could win.
A Private Contest is a design contest in which only users logged into our site will be able to view. Designers will not be able to add winning designs from private contests to their portfolios. Also, they will not be indexed by search engines.
As a contest holder you have the option of veiling your contest. A veiled contest is one in which the contest holder is the only one who can see the design entries. Designers can only view their own entries, and not others. Having a Veiled contest h...
An Expedited Contest is a contest that will be completed in less time than the standard 7 days. For $29, you can choose to have your contests length be between 3 and 6 days.
By default, all contests are veiled on our site. This means that designers cannot see each other's designs, and cannot copy one another. In some cases, clients like the designers to be able to see all of the designs and upgrade the contest to be unveil...
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