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How can I increase the number of designs that are submitted?
Posted by Alan Smith on 06 April 2015 03:44 PM

Here are a few quick methods previous Project Holders have found effective:

š Increase your prize amount: This is pretty straight forward. With a higher reward, the more designers will want to win, and thus, more concepts will be submitted.

š Guarantee your project: By doing so, you are telling designers that you will definitely be choosing a winning design. This reassures designers and encourages them to participate. Guaranteed projects have been known to get an average of 70% more designs than those without this upgrade.

š Write a detailed creative brief: Your brief should be precise and informative enough for designers to clearly understand what you‘re looking for. The better they understand, the more likely they will be to participate.

š Provide feedback: Get involved in your project by giving constructive criticism. Let designers know what you like and don‘t like. Give star ratings and eliminate designs. You will not hurt their feelings, but you would be helping them win your project.

š Invite designers: Spend some time going through our designer area. Check out some of the designer profiles. For those you really like, send them an invite to participate in your project.

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